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Booster Cable factory

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Booster Cable factory

Сообщение #1 lili041 » 15 апр 2019, 04:22

Product Description
Product Name500A PVC Insluation Clamp Booster Cable
Conductor MaterialCopper clad aluminum(CCA) Wire
Cable Length2.5-5meters
ClampPVC Full Insluation
Insulated MaterialPVC
Cable O,D6.5mm to 10mm
Packagingzipper bag,PVC Bag or without
Packing info16pcs/Carton
SampleProvide a free sample for testing
Delivery Time1000pcs within 15days
The Booster Cables utilize a second battery, typically from another car, to give the drained or completely dead battery an extra boost of energy. Whether needing a jump-start or coming to the rescue for someone else, the Booster Cable make a useful addition to any trunk’s auto-care collection of tools.
Full PVC Insluation,protect the hand well to heating,and good handle.
Good quality and beautiful performance.
Advantage of us:
1.We are professional for Booster Cable & Cables for more than 20years.
2.We cooperate with NAPA,APW,BELL and many big customers in US,Euorpe market etc.
3.We produce all processing from Material to finished products,Best quality & cost Control.(Conductor wire,Clamp,Cable,PVC material,Package).
4.We plan make warehouse in all customer’s country this year.
Operation Works
1.How Can I Get A Sample?
You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.
1-2 samples will be free for you.
2.How Long Is Delivery?
Delivery time will be 15-30days according to order quantity.
We will produce preferentially for our first order
Why Choose Us
1.New products developing and design.
2.Quick response and problem solving ability.
3.Wide production range provide one stop buying Service.
4.Guarantee of order delivery time by Strong Union of factory.Booster Cable factory

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