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Engineering Machinery Hydraulic Cylinder manufacturers

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Engineering Machinery Hydraulic Cylinder manufacturers

Сообщение #1 jthan123 » 26 мар 2019, 08:25

Yuan xing company specializes in the production of bulldozer hydraulic cylinder, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder and other models.
We can provide a variety of bulldozer hydraulic oil cylinder, such as derrick cylinder, boom cylinder, bucket cylinder, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, caterpillar cylinder. Including komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, CAT, Doosan, Volvo, sumitomo, kato, bobcats and other brands.
Bulldozer oil cylinder can be customized as required.
1. light weight, high strenght
Base on the nature of construction work, the hydraulic cylinders need to suit for high strength, high using frequency, high fatigability. To promise the stability and reliability of application.
2. The seal system
select the excellent seal kits from Japan and Germany. Adopt the advanced physical design, make sure the hydraulic cylinder get the best piston rod oil film.
3.cylinder body
adopt the good quality alloy honed tube, though cold-drawing and rolling, to reach an excellent roughness and surface hardness, improve the wear-resistance.
4.piston rod
middle frequency induction hardening and tempering, chrome plated on rod surface to improve the anti-rust, wear-resistance and anti-scratch property.
5.safety/cushioning function
the inside of cylinder set up an cushioning device in the end of stroke, it can absorb the huge
Product Process:
1. Raw materials entering the factory, 27SiMn, 40CrMo, ST52, 45# steel tubes or bars for choice
2. Do the pre-treatment including pickling, phosphating and saponification, and then cold-draw the seamless steel tubes.
3. Put the steel tubes into the tempering furnace to do the stress relief annealing in convenience of the subsequent the processing.
4. Multi-roll straightening machine, with 10 straightening points, achieves the automatic rolling straight improving the efficiency greatly
5. Heat treatment to obtain work pieces with different properties by changing their internal microstructure or surface chemical composition.
6. Cylindrical degree can be controlled within 0.03mm and the surface roughness is up to 0.4 by honing with range:φ40mm-φ450mm and longest length: 12000mm
7. Machining processes to obtain high precision parts with complex shapes strictly according to the detailed drawings.
8. Electroplating production process fulfills the functional and ornamental requirements for coating work pieces of different dimensions according to specific application requirements.
9. Cleaning all the parts by automatic cleaning machine in the special solution and under special temperature control effectively.
10. All the parts are assembled into complete cylinders according to the strict assembly instructions by skillful workers in dust-free workshop.
11. Do proof pressure and performance tests to check whether the cylinders can operate smoothly and stably under the specified pressure with no leakage and deformation.
12. Do the painting including high quality primer and topcoat to obtain beautiful appearance and protect the cylinders against the anticorrosion.
13. Wooden pallet or boxes packing with plastic films wrapped on the surface, suitable for long-time sea transport.
Product Advantages:
1.light weight, high strength
2.good seal system
3.excellent body
4.special material
This series Hydraulic cylinders include boom hydraulic cylinder, bucket arm hydraulic cylinder, bucket hydraulic cylinder, dozer hydraulic cylinder. Application machinery:all kinds of excavator and bulldozers. Working pressure:Pn<35Mpa, working temperature:-40°C to 100°C
Technical parameters:
Bore Rod Port A LP LW LN HP EP
2'' 1 1/4'' 3/8''NPT 10.25'' 2.125'' 1.125'' 2.07'' 1.89'' 1''
2.5'' 1 1/2'' 1/2''NPT 10.25'' 2.125'' 1.125'' 2.07'' 1.89'' 1''
3'' 1 1/2'' 1/2''NPT 10.25'' 2.125'' 1.125'' 2.07'' 1.89'' 1''
3.5'' 1 3/4'' 1/2''NPT 10.25'' 2.125'' 1.125'' 2.07'' 1.89'' 1.125''
4'' 2'' 1/2''NPT 10.25'' 2'' 1.125'' 2.07'' 1.89'' 1.125''
5'' 2 1/2'' 1/2''NPT 10.25'' 2'' 1.5'' 2.44'' 2.5'' 1.5''
Scope of application:
Utilities, material handling, oil and natural gas, national defense, transportation, agriculture, industry, forestry, construction industry, etc.
Quality certificate and production equipment:
Through our company's continuous efforts, strict requirements for product quality. The hydraulic cylinder produced by our company has passed the ISO9000, ISO9001 certification and the highest quality requirements.stipulated by our strict quality control system.
Our company is able to make production according to the standard and quantity required by the customer, and can guarantee the hydraulic cylinder product that the customer needs in the time limit, because we have advanced production equipment.
Such as: CNC lathe, processing center, SYT hydraulic cylinder test platform, hydraulic oil cylinder spraying equipment, hydraulic cylinder welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, quality inspection line.
Minimum order quantity: 5 pieces/piece
Supply capacity: 20,000 pieces per month
Port: Qingdao, China
Terms of payment: l/c, t/t
Standard or non-standard: non-standard
Structure: piston hydraulic cylinder plunger hydraulic cylinder
Power: hydraulic
Product materials: steel
Maximum stroke: 15,000mm
Shaft diameter: 10-500mm
Origin: shandong, China (mainland)
Model: hydraulic cylinder
Brand name: yuanxing
Color: yellow, orange, blue, red, black, etc.
Packing details: packing film + plywood box or according to customer requirements.
Delivery details: 25-40 days
Packaging and transportation:
1. Packaging: steel tray, plywood box, or according to customer requirements.
2. Shipping: shipping, air or express company.
In addition to the sales of our existing hydraulic cylinder products, our company can also produce hydraulic cylinder products according to customers' drawings or samples. In the production process, we strictly control the product quality to ensure each hydraulic cylinder product quality qualified. We provide the most advanced technical support and high quality after-sales service, hoping to establish long-term cooperation with customers.
Engineering Machinery Hydraulic Cylinder manufacturers

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